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Importance of Keeping Great Personal Finance Records

Hello, my name is Joshua Phillips. My site will cover the importance of keeping great financial records for your personal money management needs. When I started this journey toward financial independence, I had to learn how to write up excellent records for my later review. As I created these documents, I learned more than I ever imagined about the state of my finances. My site will help you learn how to establish a financial record book of your own and keep it updated on a daily basis. I welcome you to visit my site every day to learn all you can about this money management topic. Thanks.


3 Tips To Help You Prepare Your Gold For Sale

11 October 2022
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

Whether you've inherited some gold jewelry or want to sell what you don't wear anymore, you need to know how to prepare your gold for sale. By taking the necessary steps to ensure your gold is in good condition, you can get the most money for it. Here are three tips to help you prepare your gold for sale. Clean Your Gold Jewelry Before Selling It Among the simplest things you can do to prepare your gold for sale is to give it a good cleaning. Read More …

Should You Refinance Your Car Loan? Key Questions To Ask

7 June 2022
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

When you buy a car, it's important to know that you're not locked into the loan agreement or interest rate that you get from the initial purchase. In fact, there comes a point when you may want to consider refinancing your auto loan. If you've been wondering whether or not it's worth refinancing your car loan, there are a few key considerations that may help you decide. Here's a look at a few of the common indications that it's beneficial for you to refinance your auto loan. Read More …

Are World Events Encouraging You To Buy Precious Metals? 3 Important Things To Consider Before Buying

25 February 2022
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

As global events become more contentious, people often begin to wonder if they need to diversify a portion of their financial holdings by purchasing precious metals. Those who decide to purchase some form of gold, silver, or other precious metals may not fully understand the potential benefits and pitfalls of doing so. If you are interested in buying precious metals, taking the time to consider the following information will help to ensure that your purchase experience will be a good one. Read More …