Vital Things to Know When You Need a Way Out of Jail

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Vital Things to Know When You Need a Way Out of Jail

4 August 2021
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After the police arrest you, they will transport you to the local jail, where you will remain until one of two things happen. You might stay there until you follow through with your criminal charges and the court approves your release. The other option is to pay bail to get out right now. As you weigh your options, you might want to know a few vital things about getting out of jail.

How Courts Decide on Bail

The first thing to know about bail is how the courts decide whether to offer it to a person. When the police arrest someone, the court learns of the crime. The court's job is to review the person's criminal charges and record to see if they should allow bail. The courts must allow bail in a way that is fair and reasonable, but this does not mean that they always offer it. If the nature of the crime is serious, they might deny bail. In most cases, courts review a person's criminal record as a way of measuring whether to offer bail. They will then set the bail amount accordingly.

How the Court Views Your Criminal Charges

The second thing to realize is that the courts do not assume you are guilty just because you are in jail. Instead, the courts must presume that you are innocent during this time. You are not guilty of the charges while they are pending. Instead, you can only be guilty once the court convicts you. As a result, the courts typically allow a way out of jail during this time, and they call this bail.

How to Get Out of Jail Before Your Trial

If the court offers bail, you get to choose if you use it or not. You can pay the bail with cash you have or borrow it from a friend. The better way out of jail is through a bail bond agent. You can pay a small fee to a bail bond agent in exchange for your release. You will have to follow the bail bond agent's rules if you use their services, but at least you could get out of jail without paying a lot of money.

When you get arrested for an alleged crime, you have rights. One of these rights is to have a fair and reasonable bail amount. If you have questions about your bail or need help getting out of jail, contact a bail bond agent today.