How To Make An Estate Sale

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How To Make An Estate Sale

16 November 2021
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Estate sales are a way to sell part or all of the contents of a home. You may opt for estate sales after the death of a loved one or any other life-changing event that requires you to shift residence quickly. For several days during the estate sale, you open your home to the general public, and people select items that may interest them. If you are uncertain about organizing and holding an estate sale, you may consult a professional estate sale organizer to hold it on your behalf. Other professionals in the finance and money sector may also provide valuable help, especially when the estate sale circumstances are sensitive. This article offers a few tips for you when holding an estate sale. 

Taking Inventory

The first step to take when making an estate sale is to pick items you want to sell. You can use different criteria based on the circumstances. Classifying the things you need and the ones you do not need helps you proceed smoothly. If you downsize or move out of your home, you must leave behind the large items. Similarly, you must sell heavy objects if you plan on moving to a faraway place. In addition, you must consider both the sentimental and financial value of the items in your house. You can sell the ones you will not miss after the sale and retain those that may fetch a better price in the future. 

Delegate to Professionals

If you hire a liquidator, they help you in different capacities during the sale. For instance, the liquidator resolves all pricing problems that may arise. Your liquidator also helps direct traffic during the sale, especially if there is a large crowd. However, the most crucial reason you need a professional to handle the estate sale is to avoid hurting your emotions. Often, most of the items placed for sale have a personal connection with the owners. Therefore, you may feel offended when strangers go through your things or talk ill about sentimental possessions when making their offers. 


The estate sale organizer determines the price tag of every item in the estate sale. Organizers also have an option to make on-the-spot pricing for various things. However, the organizer may discount items after the first day to encourage buyers to come to the sale. Discounts should not result in hefty losses and therefore ensure the organizer maintains reasonable price tags for items in your home. If you do not sell some of the things after the estate sale, you need a viable disposal method. You can consult antique shops or antique online businesses but ensure you give the items a price that minimizes the items left. 

Choose the Right Estate Sale Company

Ensure you select a company that is credible by shortlisting the insured and bonded firms. Even though the estate sale industry does not have a central authority to govern its operations, several organizations help establish credibility. You may also rely on referrals from satisfied customers who held estate sales similar to yours.

Take an inventory, hire professionals, and take precautions when pricing and selecting estate sale companies during an estate sale.