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Importance of Keeping Great Personal Finance Records

Hello, my name is Joshua Phillips. My site will cover the importance of keeping great financial records for your personal money management needs. When I started this journey toward financial independence, I had to learn how to write up excellent records for my later review. As I created these documents, I learned more than I ever imagined about the state of my finances. My site will help you learn how to establish a financial record book of your own and keep it updated on a daily basis. I welcome you to visit my site every day to learn all you can about this money management topic. Thanks.


Organizing, Cataloging, And Selling A Coin Collection

6 September 2019
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Selling a coin collection requires careful research and preparations. There is no guarantee that all or any of the coins will be valuable. It may make sense to only part with a few coins or to split up the collection between different buyers. Whatever your situation, here are some tips to keep in mind when you're attempting to sell your coin collection. Coin Grading And Cataloging Are Essential Owning a container of coins that are all mixed together will probably not fare well when you decide to show the collection to potential buyers. Read More …

Overturning A “No Bail” Decree To A Bail Decree: What The Results Might Be

10 July 2019
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On occasion, a judge may rule that no bail is allowed. This may prove to be a financially difficult ruling for any family who only has one spouse working, and that one person was just denied bail. You can attempt to have this ruling overturned, but there are about three or four ways this would turn out. While you wait for a lawyer to help your spouse change the "no bail" Read More …

Financing A Car Repair: What If Insurance Won’t Cover It?

15 May 2019
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If insurance won't cover your car repair, you may find yourself having to finance it instead. This is common if you have a high deductible: if your deductible is $2,000 and you have a $1,500 repair, you may not want to pay it out of pocket. There are a few options that you have for financing, and you may want to explore them all before making a decision. Financing through a Repair Shop Read More …

Buying And Selling Silver 101

22 February 2019
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Buying precious metals is a great way to set aside something for a rainy day or in the event of a major catastrophe that threatens the banking system as it is currently known. Silver is a good place for beginners to start as it is far more affordable than gold. Here is what you should know. What Forms Does Silver Come In? Up until the early-to-mid-1960s, American coins were made from 90 percent silver. Read More …

4 Reasons To Sign Up For Online Bill Pay

17 December 2018
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If you pay your bills via check or take time each month to visit each company's website to make your payment, it is time to sign up for online bill pay. Most major banks offer online bill pay as a free service to their customers. Check out a few reasons you need to sign up your bank's online bill pay as soon as possible. 1. You Can Reduce the Amount of Time You Spend Paying Bills Read More …